Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Welted Neck Warmer

Welted Rib Neckwarmer

I knitting a neck warmer because I Needed One!!!!
Michigan weather is flippin crazy lately!
Yesterday it was 47 degrees and today its like 9 degrees! WTF
This morning my car doors were frozen.
I dumped some water on the seals. I got to work and then was frozen into my car!!!
I love Winter!
Anyhoo...... FO!!!!
I bought the roving at the michigan fiber at least 2 years ago. It Wool, Angora, & Silk. The Fiber had two colors smushed together. I spun the 2 layers separately and plied them together. Its pretty bulky.

This yarn was a mini raglan sweater with black ribbing. Then I realized.... Uhhhggg.... I can't wear that. No way.. I ripped it out a couple weeks ago. I've been wanting a neck warmer really badly. I knit this on aluminum straight 10's with a garter stitch boarder with a welted rib for the body. I fought some really pretty pearly buttons in my grandma's button stash.

ITs cold

I went to the Ravelry Party at Artisan Knitworks on Saturday. I had a blast! There was sooo much goodies to eat. OMG, that homemade ice cream was amazing!!!! I met alot of really nice people who were on ravelry.I picked up my 2 skeins of Noro Sock yarn that I've been drooling over . I want a bunch of sock yarn, but I will have to wait til February to buy anything else. That Urban Gypsy stuff... oooohhhhh nice!!!

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Miranda said...

I love the Urban GypZ names! Koi vey, Mod Olive cocktail... har har har!