Monday, October 29, 2007

Arts and Scraps

The past weekend was not long enough at all!

Saturday morning I had to drive my mom to my dad's work again. She bought me breakfast! I love my mommy!

I went to the coolest place ever! Arts and Scraps! Miranda and I drove to the ghetto to find this place. We kinda knew where we were going, kinda! Hey, if I get lost I just consider it an adventure.
Ok Ok.... Arts and Scraps is very cool. Fill a bag for $5. they have tons of junk! A kids paradies! I bought carpet samples, fabric, Quaker Oats boxes, baby food jars, Ansel Adams posters from the DIA from 1986. I had sooo much fun. Miranda bought bookmaking stuff.. We also stopped by Artistan Knitworks in Grosse Point Park. That place is sooo cute! I will have to go back when I have some money. They have really pretty rovings.

It rained almost all day. We got back to Miranda house and used her drum carder. I had about 4oz of Targhee. It was already washed & dyed a pretty blue green. There was still whole locks. OMG! the batts turned out sooo pretty.

I had to get home, since it was already 3ish. At that time, I haven't even started putting our costumes together for the halloween party. EEEEKKKK,

I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off.

What a saturday!

I did finish spinning half the blue corriedale. I check the wpi on the single. it was 15wpi. I want to knit the Flower Basket shawl with this stuff. I washed and set the twist on the single last night.

My Spunky Fiber of the month should come in today! I peeked over at the ravelry boards. I couldn't help it! I had to peek. The hint was Goblins.

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Ragnar said...

There is a place like that in Ann Arbor called "The Scrap Box" which I have always intended to I will have to add Arts and Scraps to my list of must visits.