Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sean's Hat

Sean's Hat
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I've been knitting like a fiend!

Sean's hat is finished.
Dick's hat is 1/2 done & I only just started that yesterday at lunch. I've been knitting it at stoplights. I know, I know I shouldn't be doing that. At least I'm not talking on my cell phone.
I also plied the merino that was sitting on my spindle for months. I'm so happy to be finished with that little bit. I still have at least 2oz of that stuff still left.

I can't go to Mt. Bruce this weekend. I really cant afford to drive up to Romeo and spend money on wool. I already spent that money earlier in the month. I really do want to go. I won't torcher myself like that.

We need groceries more than wool

Oh, glassy goodness.

I fused a 5" glass square that will become a tealight candle holder.

I love this swirly green glass I picked up in lansing.

not finished


Amanda said...

You will be missed Stinker... ;-) I love the tealight candle holder. and the hat too. I like stripes.

Coley said...

Awww, Amanda your too sweet. Yeah,I'm fricken broke this week. You girls have fun and buy alot of fibery goodness.