Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My new Mittens

My new Mittens
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Can you believe I started these last thursday?

2 circ's on 3's
Dale of Norway/ Falk Neon!
I found the chart online somewhere.
I'm looking over at helloyarn to get idea's about this kinda knitting too.

Knitterpalooza was fun!
I bought some yarn and glass!
Delphi is an awesome store!
OMG, i bought glass!

I bought some mission falls wool for $3 a skein from threadbear!
My brother birthday is next month.
Friday night, he wanted to know what he was getting for his birthday. The way he worded it was so cute! I couldnt help but say yes. He wants a winter hat. That mission falls wool will be perfect!!!
I was looking on ravelry and found the London Beanie pattern.

I also bought some sock yarn at rae's. My dad is getting socks for xmas this year. No one else! I picked up a little something for myself.


Stash Bustin' said...

I love your blog name and ravelry name it is so cute.

Coley said...


Shorty said...

I don't know if I told you last Thursday, I love your mittens. If I didn't, sorry! I love Your Mittens. What a great design, and colors.

Larjmarj said...

YUMMY! Love the colors.

Coley said...

Shorty- Thank you! Since last Wednesday, I still haven't put on my thumb. he he he I just hope I took good enough notes to make the other one the same.

Larjmarj- They are WAYYYYY Neon in person! Makes my eyes hurt a tid-bit!