Monday, August 27, 2007

Insence Burner I had a good weekend!

I went to the thirft store and bought some cute stuff. I scored cookie sheet, a bamboo window shade, a ratan hanging basket, pretty pottery, a hat rack, and 3 photo thongs for my darkroom.

Went to the "bath city fest" in mt. clemens.
Met up with Miranda (from knitting) and her step-daughter.
Looked for thepottery guy's booth. We did not find him.
I ate an elephant ear and some cinamon almonds.
Dick bought me a new insence burner.
We bought Iggy with us to the fest & Dick was bombarded by old ladies and little kids.

Sunday, I cooked dinner, we had steak in a shiraz/thyme sauce, green beans and smashed redskins.
The steak recipe was from "how to cook everything" I subbed Shiraz & the thyme for the tarragon & also used 1/2 onion & 1/2 garlic for the shallot.

My Yummy RedSkins.

6 redskins
4tbls unsalted butter
1/4c half&half.
fresh thyme
a squirt of dijon mustard.
lotza salt & pepper.

I also took a picture of my coasters from last weekend.


amanda said...

Very cool stuff. What kind of incense burner is that. How do you ... where do you ... is it a stick incense, cone or powder.

Coley said...

It's a bottle with a hole drilled near the bottom of the bottle. These is a keyring on the opening. You put the stick in the keyring and it dangles down in the bottle. No ashy mess! it smoke looks cool coming out of the top and the whole at the bottom.